Chapter 16-500

Special Purchasing Situations

The policies presented in this Chapter 16, Sections 16-100 through 16-370 and 16-F01 through 16-S01, generally apply to all purchases of goods or services from sources outside of the University except as specifically noted. Special purchasing situations are subject to additional policy coverage as presented in 16-410 through 16-460.

16-510 Equipment and Equipment Installation

Policy coverage and guidance on the purchase of supplies and equipment and related installation or alterations is presented in Chapter 15 of this Manual.

16-520 Service Contracts

Purchase contracts for maintenance or services, including purchase contracts funded by extramural awards, are administered pursuant to Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-43, Part 3.

16-540 Computer Services

University policy and procedure for the purchase of computer services is contained in Business and Finance Bulletin IS-8, Guidelines for Campus and Office of the President Acquisitions Involving Computing.

16-550 Consulting Services

Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-34, Securing the Services of Independent Consultants, establishes policies and procedures to be followed for securing the services of independent consultants. Administrative responsibility for BUS-34 vests in the Chancellor, and the OP Vice Presidents. BUS-34 does not apply to the appointment of architects and engineers for approved projects covered by Standing Order 100.4(y) or to the appointment of consultants for the DOE Laboratories. University faculty who serve internally as consultants are covered under Section 664 of the Academic Personnel Manual, Additional Compensation/Services as Faculty Consultant.

BUS-34 outlines the conditions under which consultant agreements are appropriate, as opposed to those which should be handled as employment or purchase contracts. The agreement between the University and an independent consultant is executed on the standard agreement form promulgated in BUS-34. Consultant agreements are signed by the consultant and by the University "Responsible Administrative Official," and "Program Review Official." The "Responsible Administrative Official" is that official designated by a Chancellor or Vice President to be responsible for overall administration of independent consultant procedures and agreements. The "Program Review Official" is the Chancellor, Vice President, or person(s) designated by each to approve the purpose and content of an independent consultant agreement. The Responsible Administrative Official must send an annual report of all consultant agreements to the Senior Vice President--Business and Finance.

16-560 Alcohol, Drugs, Hazardous and Radioactive Materials

Policies and procedures for the purchase and use of hazardous and radioactive materials are found in Chapter 3 of this Manual. Requirements for University alcohol and drugs purchases are set forth in Business and Finance Bulletins BUS-2, Tax-Free Alcohol Permits, Records, and Operations and BUS-50, Materiel Management: Acquisition and Use of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

16-570 Construction

University policy and procedures on purchasing contracts for construction-related services are presented in the University's Facilities Manual.