UC Graduate Student Experience Survey

The University of California Graduate Student Experience Survey (UCGSES) is a system-wide survey that solicits graduate and professional students’ opinions on a broad range of academic and co-curricular experiences, including instruction and training, advising, basic needs, and student services. Institutional Research and Academic Planning administers the survey in collaboration with Graduate, Undergraduate and Equity Affairs at the Office of the President, and Graduate Deans and Institutional Research representatives from the campuses.

Content and structure

UCGSES provides information about graduate and professional student experiences, engagement, health, and life.

Specific survey topics include:
  • Background and personal characteristics
  • Educational experiences
  • Professional development
  • Advising experiences
  • Program climate
  • Financial support
  • Student well-being and satisfaction
  • Basic needs
  • Post-graduate career plans

UCGSES contains a set of core questions administered to every respondent. The questions were created based on the graduate student surveys IRAP and campuses administered previously. Campuses were also able to include an optional wildcard module, which allowed individual campuses to survey their graduate and professional students on issues of campus interest.