Due to the proprietary nature of the information accessed by these resources, ITE, together with Research Programs Analysis & Coordination (RPAC), restricts application access to those UC staff members who require access to perform their work. Authorized users must maintain the confidentiality of this information and shall not distribute their password or user ID to anyone else.

For access to the Patent Tracking System (PTS), request that your campus technology transfer office complete and submit the access request form located in PTS under the Support section.

For access to the Faculty & Organization Profile System, complete and submit the access request form linked here.

For support or questions, please contact the Business Systems group at ite_support@universityofcalifornia.edu.

Patent Tracking System Link

Tech Transfer Staff Only

Principal application for technology transfer activities systemwide: integrates invention disclosure, patent prosecution, licensing and financial information.

Faculty & Organization Profile System Link

login required

Two apps in one: Faculty Profile displays funding awards, tech transfer agreements and invention disclosures by UC principal investigators; Organization Profile shows UC research and tech transfer relationships with an institution or company.

Nonconfidential Description Publisher Link

Tech Transfer PTS Users Only

Application for creating UC invention descriptions, along with pertinent case and patent information, without disclosing confidential information.

Equity Holdings Link

login required

Lists UC equity share holdings in companies for which UC accepted equity under a technology agreement or related transaction.

Offsite Storage Link

ITE Staff Only - Login Required

Accesses ID and location info for printed case documents stored offsite. Searches by case or agreement number, or inventor’s last name.