Acceptable Use of UCOP Electronic Information Resources

The University of California Office of the President (UCOP) encourages the use of electronic information resources to conduct the University's business. Users of UCOP electronic information resources are expected to comply with applicable University and UCOP policies and federal and state laws. Appropriate use of UCOP electronic information resources is governed by the UCOP User Agreement for Electronic Information Resources and the University of California Electronic Communications Policy (ECP). Users and providers of UCOP electronic information resources are expected to be familiar with the provisions of the UCOP User Agreement and the ECP.

Allowable Users
ECP Section III. C. Allowable Users identifies classes of individuals eligible to use University electronic information resources. At UCOP, allowable users are defined as follows:

  • UCOP employees,
  • The Regents of the University of California,
  • Affiliates: independent contractors, consultants, volunteers or other individuals who have established collaborative associations with UCOP. These individuals may establish eligibility upon determination of appropriate business need and approval of the hosting department's authorizing employee.

Allowable Use
Use of UCOP electronic information resources must be in compliance with the ECP, Section III.D. Allowable Use. UCOP electronic information resources may not be used for:

  • unlawful activities,
  • commercial purposes not under the auspices of the University,
  • personal financial gain (except as permitted under applicable academic personnel policies),
  • personal use inconsistent with ECP, Section III.D, Allowable Use or
  • uses that violate University or campus policies or guidelines including policies and guidelines regarding intellectual property and sexual or other forms of harassment.

ITS reserves the right to deny access to UCOP electronic information resources when any use violates University policy, including any activity that directly or indirectly interferes with the operation of UCOP electronic information resources.

Termination of Access
Access to UCOP electronic information resources terminates after a user's relationship with UCOP ends.