Policies and Guidelines

Electronic Communications Policy
The University of California Electronic Communications Policy establishes principles, rules, and procedures applying to all members of the University community to specifically address issues particular to the use of electronic communications. It clarifies the applicability of law to electronic communications and references other University guidelines to ensure consistent application of the Electronic Communications Policy on all University campuses. [View Policy]

IS-2 Inventory, Classification, and Release of University Electronic Information
The purpose of this bulletin is to establish guidelines for the classification of information assets (1) to aid risk assessments in conformance with University IT security policy; and (2) to identify the need for specific security measures to ensure the appropriate level of protection for resources. [View Policy]

IS-3 Electronic Information Security
The purpose of this bulletin is to establish guidelines for achieving appropriate protection of University electronic information resources and to identify roles and responsibilities at all levels in the University of California system. [View Policy]

IS-11 Identity and Access Management
The purpose of this bulletin is to establish guidelines for identity and access management at the University of California. Identity and access management is a relatively new area for the University, so this document serves as both an educational resource and a set of guidelines for campuses in their implementation of identity and access management strategies. [View Policy]

Protection of Personal Information
The University seeks to safeguard and ensure the privacy of any personal data that it utilizes during the course of its operations. University-wide policies that provide guidance to campuses and departments about the appropriate use of personal data include the ones on [this page].

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