Larry L. Sautter Award Program - 2019

Golden Awards

  • Street Story - A Platform for Community Engagement (UCB)
  • Data Science/Machine Learning Platform (DSMLP) (UCSD)
  • Systemwide Collaboration on Accessibility: The Siteimprove Implementation Project (Systemwide)

Silver Awards

  • UC Code Creators Build SiteFarm Community (UCSF, UCD and UCLA)
  • PRISMS Asthma mHealth Research Study Ecosystem (UCLA)

Honorable Mention

  • The UC Clinical Trials Network (UC Health)
  • Article 26 Backpack: Tech as an Educational Lifeline for Refugees (UCD)
  • Compass: Comprehensive Analytics for Student Success (UCI)

Additional Applications


  • Academic Participation at UC Davis
  • Academic Senate Information System (ASIS)
  • Email Security and Infrastructure Modernization

UCD Health

  • Driving Towards Value-Based Care: UC Davis Health’s Journey along the Population Health (Healthy Planet) Trail
  • Faculty Teaching Activities


  • Animal System Implementation
UCI Health
  • Quality Measurement Engine (QME)


  • Undergraduate Writing Center Serverless Scheduling System
  • Zenith App Platform (ZAP) with Modern Messaging


  • ITSM Process Re-Engineering
  • The Journey to Lean and Agile


  • Annual Security Inventory (ASI) System
  • eFilePlus Academic Personnel System
  • Authorization for Accommodation Optimization
  • Environment, Health and Safety Training Analytics
  • From Cubicles to Collaboration: New Open Workspace
  • Mobile App: Staff and Student Collaboration

UCSD Health

  • A Program-Level Approach to Making Health Data Transparent for Patients and Clinicians
  • Improving Inclusion through Documentation of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity


  • Partnerships that Scale - Innovation to Enterprise

UCSF Health

  • Referrals Automation


  • UC IT Project Management Community of Practice (PMcop)
  • UC NRS Reserve Application Management System 2.5