Not all messages are administrative records. Some are non-records, which are materials that are of immediate value only. They are temporarily useful but have no lasting administrative or operational value. Non-records are materials that are not essential to the fulfillment of legal, business, administrative or other obligations, or to documenting the decision-making process. Examples of non-records follow:
  • Junk
  • Spam
  • Personal communications unrelated to University business
  • Extra copies of an official record (the principle copy, known as the official record, is maintained elsewhere)
  • Messages that do not provide evidence of department operations
  • Messages containing preliminary drafts of letters, memoranda, reports, work sheets, and informal notes (whether in the body of the message or as attachments) that do not represent significant basic steps in the preparation of the official record
  • Internal meeting or administrative notices and reminders
  • Messages that constitute or contain convenience copies solely for ease of access and reference
  • Messages that constitute or contain informational copies sent to individuals or departments that are interested in, but not acting upon, the information
  • Other messages that convey information of temporary importance