Editing department/unit links

Applicable to: landing page 01 | Skill level: intermediate

Goal: Change the title, summary or top destinations links for the departments or units listed on a landing page.


  1. Navigate to the landing page of your site (this page will be called "index").

  2. Edit the landing page.

  3. Scroll down to the section that starts with "Department or unit blocks section title." You'll see several groups of fields called "Department or Unit."

    screenshot of the departments section of a landing page with numbers identifying elements

    Each department or unit has the following:

    1. Title (with title link destination)
    2. Summary
    3. Links

    edit screen for editing department or unit information

  4. Make your changes. To edit the title, summary or link text, simply click into the field and start typing. To change the destination of an internal link, use the browse icon (browse icon) to open the asset browser. To add an external link destination, paste the URL into the external link field. To add an additional link, use the plus icon (plus icon).

  5. When you've made the changes you need to make, submit the page to save your changes.

  6. Respond to the spell check and link check, if needed (hit "Submit" for both to save your changes).

** Note: For departments with multiple categories of departments and units — or with 7 or 9 departments or units — we may need to use an alternate page type. If the number of departments or units on your landing page has changed, and is not longer displaying properly, contact ITS or Communications for help.