Add a category

Applicable to: category pages | Skill level: intermediate

Goal: Add an additional category/list page to the left navigation. (This will create a new folder and an index page within that folder.)

category page


  1. Navigate to the tab where you want the new category (i.e. "Resources).

  2. Click on Add Content, then Category pages and New category -  folder and page.

    Add content icon

    New menu: new category folder

  3. Set up the category:
    • Confirm the Placement Folder; this should be the tab you want this category to appear within.
    • In the Title field, enter the name of the category (the text you want to display in the left-hand navigation).
    • You can leave Summary and Description blank.
    • Display in Navigation: Select "Yes."
    • Leave the rest of the fields (from Display Name onward) blank as they are not applicable for most of the category pages.

    new folder options

  4. Click Submit button, then review the Spell Check report and click the checkmark icon to finish. 

  5. Navigate back to the parent tab to verify that the Title from step 3 is displayed on the left navigation.

    Success! The new category, Training resources, is there.