Link list blocks

Applicable to: content pages | Skill level: easy

Goal: Create a new link list block for use in the right-side column of a content page.

Link list blocks are used in the right-side column of content pages, primarily for navigational purposes — to help users find related resources or go back to where they came from. As the name indicates, they are formatted as a bulleted list of links. The title of the block can also be a link.

Link list blocks live in the _blocks folder, usually with a folder called "link-lists."

Steps for creating a new link list block

  1. Navigate to the _blocks folder in your Cascade asset tree, then select the link-lists folder (if your site has one). Click Add Content in the upper left of your screen. Select Blocks and then Link list.

    select Add Contentselect blocksselect Link list

  2. Confirm that the Placement Folder is link-lists. (If your site doesn't have a link-lists folder, the Placement Folder can be _blocks).

  3. Give the block a Title. 

    Cascade will convert the Title you provide into an asset name for the Link list block when you submit. Please note: Because link list blocks tend to have generic titles like "See also" or "Related resources," you may want to rename your link list block after you create it using Move/Rename. Recommended practice is to include the name of the page or section in which the link list block is used, e.g., "best-practices-related-resources."

  4. If you would like for the title of your block to be a hyperlink, use the Title Link field. This is optional.

  5. Build your links.

    You must provide Link text; this is the text that will display as a hyperlink in your link list block.

    To add your link, you have three choices: Link destination (internal), File, or external link. You may only choose one option for each list item. 

    Use the plus sign (plus icon) to add more links to your list. See more information about linking.

    create link list

  6. Save & Preview.

  7. Submit, then select Submit or Check Content & Submit to perform spelling and accessibility checks.