Navigating within Cascade

Tips for transitioning quickly between assets and tasks

Once you have the basics of Cascade down and are feeling fairly comfortable, you may wish to experiment with these methods for navigating more efficiently within the CMS.

The dashboard

Upon logging in, every user is greeted with a personalized dashboard showing messages, current workflows, assets checked out, and more general information.

Much of this information (regarding workflows, messages, locked assets etc.) does not currently apply to the UCOP Cascade implementation, but there are a few handy features to be aware of:

  • The Drafts section lists any active drafts you have not yet submitted. These drafts will be visible only to you. See more information about creating drafts.
  • The Recent History section allows you to see a list of your most recently viewed assets, and provides for easy navigation. There are two other ways to access your history:
    • Using the History button in the top left navigation menu; or
    • Under Quick Links in the top right navigation. (This is the most handy method of using the history feature, as it allows for quick clicking back and forth between multiple assets you may be working on at the same time).
    The history is cleared each time you log out of the system, so you’ll only see assets that you’ve viewed during the current session.


Another method of quickly locating and navigating to specific assets is by using the Search function in the upper right corner:

search box

Search for keywords or terms. If the search is successful, the results will show you the path to the asset you're looking for. 

Only those assets to which you have read or write access will appear in the results.

See more details on the basic search function and what fields it searches.

The shortcut menu

To perform site management actions, the how-to instructions on this site all direct you to use the tabular menu options at the top of the main editing area (View, Edit, Move/Rename, Copy, Publish and More). This is the most straightforward method when you are first learning your way around Cascade.

After you've become more familiar, though, you might wish to try the shortcut menu. This can be accessed via the asset tree, and allows you to quickly select many of the same actions you can access via the top tabular menu. 

To make the shortcut menu appear, position your mouse over an asset in the asset tree. A small triangle will pop up to the right of the asset. Clicking on this triangle will bring up a drop-down menu of site actions, like so:

Cascade shortcut menu