PCard purchases

Purchases with the BRC PCard

Department requests purchase of item by e-mailing the Purchase Orders & Payments team and includes:

  1. Item, vendor and website (if web purchase is possible)
  2. Department code and Full Accounting Unit (FAU) to charge
  3. Authorizing signature (or e-mail from individual authorized to make purchase).
  4. Ship-to address for the item.

BRC will make the purchase, process the purchase order, and retain original receipts and statements.

The department must send the signed packing slip or dated proof of receipt to BRC.

Purchases with the department PCard

Department purchases item(s) with appropriate authorization and retains receipt(s).

Department faxes or e-mails scanned copy of receipt  within 2 days for BRC Purchase Orders & Payments team to request a Purchase Order. The information accompanying the receipt must include:

  1. Department code;
  2. Department’s Full Accounting Unit (FAU) to charge;
  3. Authorized signature (or e-mail from individual able to authorize) purchase of the item.

The BRC enters the information into the BruinBuy system to obtain the PO number and copies the cardholder/Department on the Post-Audit Notification (PAN).

The Department must send the signed packing slip or dated proof of receipt to the BRC Purchase Orders & Payments team and retains the original receipt and faxes with the signed monthly statement to UCLA at (310) 405-6121.