UCOP Travel Guidelines for Outside Contractors

The invoice payment experience for outside contractors when travel expense is included can sometimes be a confusing process and result in payment delays. 

With this in mind, the resources below are intended to support departments and outside contractors through this process and result in a smoother and more streamlined transaction.  Our goal is for outside contractors to feel better informed before they begin work regarding travel resources and policy, and to improve the efficiency of the payment process when travel is involved.

UCOP Travel Expense Payment Guidelines for Outside Contractors (pdf)

University of California Travel Regulations (G-28)

Travel Expense Template for Outside Contractors (*.xlsx) - organize/itemize travel expenses

Travel Reimbursement - Quick Tips (pdf)

BRC Blast - 2021 Mileage Reimbursement Rate (pdf)

BRC Blast - Outside Contractor Travel (pdf)

Have questions?  Contact BRC-CAAP@ucop.edu for additional information.