Computer Hardware

Service Description
UCOP supports a standardized computing environment to control overall purchase and support costs. UCOP personnel receive a standard computing bundle, including hardware and software. One computing solution is provided per individual.

  • Departmental transfers. Individuals who transfer to a different UCOP department take their computer hardware with them.
  • Employee separation. When an individual separates from UCOP, departments notify the IT Service Hub and request a pick up of any UCOP furnished hardware so that it may be reallocated.

Departments also may request approval to purchase nonstandard equipment, including Macs. ITS provides ongoing support only for UC owned in-warranty standard and nonstandard hardware.

Computer Salvaging. ITS provides salvaging services for out-of-warranty systems. The hard drive is removed, wiped, and shredded by an outside vendor. Shredding is done offsite in compliance with HIPAA, FACTA, and other state and federal guidelines. Other system components are sent to UCB Overstock & Salvage for resale, donation, or salvaging.

How to Order:
Requesting a standard computer bundle. One computer per individual is provided; approved additional devices are charged at cost to the requesting department.

  • For new personnel: Departments request a standard computing bundle via the IT Service Hub.
  • For current personnel: ITS maintains an inventory of equipment, service records and warranty expiration dates, and contacts customers directly to schedule and prepare for replacement of five-year­ old computers. ITS at its discretion may replace computers that have been reported as needing service.

Hardware exception requests. If different equipment is needed, follow the Nonstandard Equipment Request Guidelines. If approval is provided, ITS purchases the nonstandard hardware and issues a one-time charge to the department for the difference in price between the standard computing bundle and the nonstandard equipment.

Laptops. Specific processes apply to laptops.

Purchase of accessories. For full price, departments may purchase additional peripherals (e.g. second or larger monitors, keyboards, trackball mouse, etc.). Departments should follow their normal purchase procedures, and they are encouraged to consult the IT Service Desk before purchase to ensure the item can be supported.

How to Request Support
Support is available M – F, 6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Request support through the IT Service Hub or by contacting the IT Service Desk via the IT Service Hub.

All UCOP personnel may receive the standard computing bundle. All UCOP departments may request approval to purchase nonstandard computing equipment provided they demonstrate a business need.

See Technology Infrastructure Fee Rates for information about the monthly departmental fee that covers the standard computing bundle and other basic IT services.

If nonstandard hardware is approved, the department pays the difference in cost between the standard computing bundle and the nonstandard item, in addition to the monthly technology infrastructure fee for equipment replacement.

The cost of the standard computing equipment is covered in the departmental recurring IT utilities fee. If nonstandard hardware is approved, the department pays the difference in costs between the standard equipment and the nonstandard item, in addition to the IT utilities fee.