Directions for updating your TCA

On the first day of your scheduled month (June, July or August), you will receive an email with instructions for updating your TCA (attached to the email as a PDF).

Indicate your TCA revisions in three places: OSCAR, your TCA and a summary email to UCOP.


Use OSCAR to submit outlines for courses that are new or have undergone significant changes in content, objectives or prerequisites.

You will be able to enter outlines in OSCAR through the 25th of your update month. OSCAR outlines must be marked as “complete” and a selection must be made from the UC TCA Review Action drop-down menu or the outlines will not be evaluated. Courses marked “no review” will not be reviewed.

Outline guidelines >

Draft TCA

Bolded text on the PDF of your draft TCA reflects changes submitted to ASSIST since the previous year's update.

Before you make updates to the TCA, make sure curriculum changes are current in ASSIST (these changes can be made using the Curriculum Additions and Changes form. Submissions are accepted electronically only.)

On the PDF of the draft TCA, indicate the following:

  • Courses that have been removed from your curriculum: Line or cross out these courses on the PDF. Courses that have been removed from your curriculum must also be removed from ASSIST. If the course appears on your draft PDF, it has not been removed from the ASSIST curriculum database. Courses will continue to appear on the TCA until the appropriate forms have been submitted to ASSIST.
  • Courses that have been added to your course offerings since your last review: Add the new course where you would expect to see it on the TCA. Also include existing courses that have recently undergone substantial prerequisite or content changes (in this case, cross out the old data and add the new information).
  • Any change in course title or number: Since these changes are technical in nature, course outlines do not need to be submitted for review if only the course title or number has changed. The PDF should reflect all current course prefixes, numbers, titles and units as of fall of the academic year. If there are any discrepancies, please mark them and submit the appropriate Curriculum Additions and Changes form to ASSIST. Changes will not be reflected on the TCA until the appropriate forms have been submitted to ASSIST.
  • Lab courses or courses with lab component: Note “lab” or “lecture with lab” in the right margin next to these courses.

Email to UCOP

Once you have made the changes to the PDF and have completed submission of courses in OSCAR, send an email to Jennifer Forsberg at UCOP with the following:

  • The PDF with your changes (as an attachment)
  • A summary of updates to your TCA (in the body of the email), including additions, changes and terminations (a list of the courses you’ve submitted for review)
  • A link to your online course catalog

We must receive your revised agreement, catalog (or catalog link) and course outlines for all new courses by the 25th of your scheduled update month. Priority will be given to those who adhere to the schedule and submit their materials in a timely manner.

Keep in mind:

  • Once you submit your TCA update materials you may not make further submissions until the second review period.
  • UC compares course numbers, titles and unit values listed in your college's catalog with the current TCA. Please check for accuracy and resolve any discrepancies before submitting.
  • If you do not plan to update your TCA this year, notify us by email and copy Liz Sanchez at ASSIST (

Contact ASSIST

ASSIST coordination site >

Lindsey Caputo 510.287.3325

Ryan Novero 949.824.4624