Directions for updating your TCA

On the first day of your scheduled month (June, July or August), you will receive an email with instructions for updating your TCA (attached to the email as a PDF).

Indicate your TCA revisions in two places:  the Workflow Area of New ASSIST (via proposals) and a summary email to UCOP ( and

Submitting for Review in ASSIST

Use ASSIST to submit outlines for courses that are new or have undergone significant changes in content, objectives or prerequisites.

You will be able to submit proposals through the 25th of your submission month. In the Curriculum Area of ASSIST, update the course outline in the term the changes are effective. Outlines must be marked as “complete” in the same term you will submit the outline for review in the Workflow Area. Courses are reviewed for the upcoming academic year and beyond. Approvals are not retro-applied.

Outline guidelines >

Keep in mind:

  • Once you submit your TCA update materials you may not make further submissions.
  • Please check for accuracy and resolve any discrepancies in course numbers, titles and unit values before submitting.
  • Curriculum updates must be published before they will share over to all other areas of ASSIST.
  • The “Other Information” section of the course outline template is visible to any user who has access to outlines, while the submission comment box when creating a proposal in the Workflow Area is only visible to you and reviewers.
  • The Online Submission Summary report (Reports Area) is modeled after the OSCAR summaries previously available to confirm submissions.
  • If you do not plan to update your TCA this year, notify UCOP by email ( and