TCA update process

Each year in the spring, you will receive an email through the CIAC listserv with general information about the upcoming TCA cycle. This email will include your college's assigned update month — June, July or August. If you have special circumstances and need to reschedule, you are welcome to contact us and request a change in your assigned month. We try to accommodate all requests.

Submitting courses for your TCA

On the first day of your assigned month, you will receive an email with the following:

  • General information on TCA policies and processes
  • Specific instructions for submitting courses for your TCA

The deadline for submitting courses for your TCA is the 25th of your assigned month.

Learn more about updating your TCA >

UC’s review process

UC staff uses course catalogs, course outlines, regulations established by BOARS (the Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools, a committee of the Academic Senate with responsibility for undergraduate admission matters at the University of California), and recommendations developed by UC faculty and deans.

Read more about UC’s policy guidance >

Courses denied transferability will show in workflow with a brief explanation of the reason for the denial (e.g. "no comparable course" or "textbooks must be no more than seven years old").

Courses submitted for re-review that are denied are given two year phase-outs. So if a CCC submits a UC-transferable course for re-review in summer 2019 and the course is denied, we will notify the CCC of the reason for the denial and the course will receive a two year phase-out of fall 2021 (so that it remains on the TCA through summer 2021).