Textbook requirements

Textbooks must be dated within seven years for most course submissions. If they are not, there should be a note of explanation included in the Articulation Officer Comments to Reviewers section of OSCAR.

In fast-changing disciplines, e.g., Computer Science, more recent texts may be required.  The main textbook may be up to seven years old but more current reading materials should also be included.

  • All textbooks should be beyond the 12th-grade reading level and at the appropriate college level.
  • Textbooks and supplemental material should relate directly to course content.
  • Science courses that include a lab component must include a lab manual. Lab manuals should be clearly noted as such in outlines.
  • Composition courses must include a stylebook.
  • Literature courses must include a representative reading list.
  • History courses should include primary sources or alternative texts in addition to a textbook.

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