Textbook requirements

Textbooks must be dated within seven years of the course submission date or clearly identified as a “Classic text” in the course outline of record (COR). Include the identifier “Classic text” adjacent to the textbook title, or in the field “Other Appropriate Texts”.

  • More recent texts may be required in fast-changing disciplines, e.g., Computer Science, courses in any discipline with a contemporary focus, etc. The main textbook may be up to seven years old but more current reading materials should also be included.
  • All textbooks should be beyond the 12th-grade reading level and at the appropriate college level.
  • Textbooks and supplemental material/s should relate directly to course content.
  • Open Educational Resources (OER), or online/digital texts, are acceptable if they are stable and publicly available as published textbooks, not a list of web links.
  • Lab science courses must include a clearly identified lab manual in the COR. Lab manuals from either a publisher or compiled by CCC faculty (e.g., “ “CHEM 001 Lab Manual, CCC Chemistry department, 2019”) are acceptable.
  • English Composition courses must include a writing handbook.
  • Literature courses must include a representative reading list (i.e., a list of works that the students will be reading).
  • History courses should include primary sources or alternative texts in addition to a textbook.
  • College Success courses must include a community college catalog.  A hyperlink to the online community college catalog is acceptable.
  • See the guidelines for information and requirements for specific subject areas.