Independent study and variable topics

Independent study/variable topics courses are not reviewed for the TCA.  These courses may be granted transfer credit after admission.

  • Credit may be given by the enrolling campus only after transfer, following a review of the scope and content of the course.  Student must submit course syllabus and petition for credit.  Faculty recommendations from the sending CCC campus may be required.

Independent study and variable topics courses that may be considered after admission:

  • Are in subject areas for which UC grants transfer credit and which have appropriate and sufficient readings, papers and/or tests;
  • Are usually undertaken after completion of basic courses in the subject area and as a means of meeting special curricular needs, not as a replacement for standard courses.
  • Include courses categorized as: Directed Study, Experiential Learning, Field Studies, Individual Projects, Internship, Special Studies, Special Topics, Tutorial, etc.

Not transferable:

  • Variable topics courses in Journalism, Photography, Health, Business Administration, Architecture, Administration of Justice / Criminology, or Library Departments are not transferable because of credit restrictions in these areas.