Independent study and variable topics

Transferable independent study/variable topics courses:

  • Are in subject areas for which UC grants transfer credit and which have appropriate and sufficient readings, papers and/or tests;
  • Are usually undertaken after completion of basic courses in the subject area and as a means of meeting special curricular needs, not as a replacement for standard courses.
  • Include courses categorized as: Directed Study, Experiential Learning, Field Studies, Individual Projects, Internship, Special Studies, Special Topics, Tutorial, etc.
  • Credit is given by the enrolling campus only after transfer, following a review of the scope and content of the course. Student must submit course syllabus and petition for credit. Faculty recommendations from the sending CCC campus may be required.

Not transferable:

  • Variable topics courses in Journalism, Photography, Health, Business Administration, Architecture, Administration of Justice / Criminology, or Library Departments are not transferable because of credit restrictions in these areas.

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