Anti-Racism Resources

The University of California is committed to eradicating systemic racism in university life and operations. These materials can guide all of us to become active participants in combating racism on our campus‚Äčes and in our communities.

Constitution Day Link

UC invites all members of the University community to join us on September 17 to commemorate the drafting of the U.S. Constitution.

Diversity Through the Academic Pipeline

Further information on UC diversity and equity programs spanning from K-12 to the professorate.

Diversity and campus climate

The Office of the President has been diligent and forthright in its focus on addressing diversity and campus climate on the UC campuses.

Moving Beyond Bias

Moving Beyond Bias is a joint initiative with the California State University system where participants examine personal biases and learn how they can influence behavior and decision-making in academic contexts.

Student leadership and involvement

Local and systemwide community service and leadership opportunities at UC.

Student mental health & well-being

Visit our system-wide Student Mental Health & Well-being website to read about the various initiatives, strategic plan and other valuable student service resources.

Student Basic Needs

The University of California (UC) launched the Global Food Initiative in 2014 to address how to sustainably and nutritiously feed a world population expected to reach 8 billion people by 2025. The UC is dedicated to ensuring the success of its more than 260,000 students and as such, has embarked on a comprehensive effort to assess and help solve the basic needs challenges its students experience.

Victims of violence and sexual assault

The University of California supports survivors of violence, holds perpetrators accountable, and creates a culture where violence against women is not tolerated.