Cloud contracts and guidance

The predecessor to the ITSC was the Cloud Services Work Group. They developed guidelines on how to deploy the cloud services with which UC has a systemwide contract. The guidelines provide:

  • Important vendor and UC responsibilities
  • Guidance on what data is and is not acceptable to store, based on requirements, type and specific contract protections
  • Details on UC-wide constraints and where campuses have flexibility

Existing systemwide contracts

The following vendors currently have contracts with UC. You can view a copy of the agreements in the Contracts Database. Please contact your local procurement department for login credentials.

The deployment guidance linked below is developed by the Cloud Solutions Working Group. It's the result of input from IT Security & Privacy reps from across the UC system. If local campus policy and regulations exist, that should be followed.

Service & service type UC-wide contract HIPAA Business Associate Agreement Deployment guidance & implementation examples
Amazon web services
Enterprise infrastructure
View the AWS deployment guidance
File sharing/sync
View the BOX deployment guidance
Google Apps for Education
User productivity
View the Google Apps deployment guidance
Microsoft Azure
Enterprise infrastructure
View the Azure deployment guidance
Microsoft Office 365
User productivity
Business applications
View the SalesForce deployment guidance