UCOP Department Safety Coordinators (DSC)

At least one Safety Coordinator(s) is appointed for each UCOP Department by the Department Head through the appropriate Vice President. The Department Safety Coordinator should be an experienced midlevel employee who understands the UCOP system. The Department Safety Coordinator's duties are outlined below. To adequately perform these duties, the person would need to dedicate approximately 5 percent of their time (2 hours per week) to this function. The UCOP Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Program will provide the necessary initial and recurring training to the Department Safety Coordinators.

The Department Safety Coordinator is responsible for the following:

  1. Remaining informed about safety and health regulations, procedures, and safeguards affecting UCOP employees within their departments/buildings.
  2. Investigating accidents and incidents that have occurred and identifying and implementing the corrective action necessary to prevent a similar accident from occurring;
  3. Ensuring that regular health and safety inspections are conducted within their departments/buildings.
  4. Reporting to UCOP EHS any unsafe or unhealthy conditions they cannot correct.
  5. Serving as a health and safety liaison between employees within their departments and buildings and UCOP EHS.
  6. Maintaining department safety records to document inspections, accident investigations, safety meetings, and employee training.

DSC Resources: