General Liability, Auto and Property Damage Insurance Programs

The Office of the President, Risk Services (OPRS) provides General Liability, Auto and Property insurance programs that cover the University and its employees for losses that arise out of the university’s operations. The insurance programs are managed by OPRS. OPRS retains a third party administrator to investigate and resolve claims on behalf of the university.

General Liability

The University's General Liability Self Insurance Program covers University employees for accidents that result in injury or damage to others (non-university personnel) while University employees are conducting official University business.


Coverage applies to all University departments and auxiliary enterprises, officers, agents and employees (including bona fide volunteers). Coverage may also be extended to students enrolled in a formal training program while performing in the course and scope of their studies.

General Liability Resources

Automobile program

The University's Automobile Self Insurance Program provides Auto Liability and Physical Damage coverage for University personnel in the course and scope of their employment while driving vehicles owned or leased by the University.

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Automobile Program Resources

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Driver training and fleet safety

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Cell phone laws and safety

Property Insurance

The University's Property program provides coverage for direct physical loss sustained to university property due to an event that falls with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.  Coverage may be extended to property (loaned or leased) that is in the care, custody, and control of the university.

The programs include coverage for buildings, contents, equipment, vessels, fine art and library collections.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding UC's Property Program