Automobile program: Frequently asked questions

Does the University insure rented vehicles used for business? Should a department purchase the collision damage waiver (CDW) or other optional insurance from the rental company?

The University maintains automobile rental agreements with various automobile rental companies for use by University faculty and staff on business-related travel. When using University agreements, liability and physical damage insurance on the rental automobiles is usually provided by the rental companies if:

  • A University rental car agreement is used (see the list and details on agreements on the Connexxus Travel Site. Be sure to review the agreement to ensure the type of vehicle being rented is included in the agreement and for what coverage.
  • The driver has the University agreement number (each company has its own number) listed on their rental agreement by the rental company and identifies herself/himself as a University employee.
  • The automobile is used on University business.

If the rented vehicle is not provided insurance coverage under the University agreement, the University's Automobile Liability and Physical Damage Self Insurance Program would cover comprehensive and/or collision damage to the rental vehicle and the CDW or LDW should be declined.

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If I am driving my own vehicle on University business and it is damaged, am I insured under the University insurance program?

Your private insurance is the primary source of insurance coverage for your automobile, even when you are driving such vehicle on University business. If liability damages exceed your limits, the University's Automobile Liability coverage may be available as excess insurance over your personal auto policy.

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If our department rents a vehicle from Fleet Services and are involved in an accident, what action should we take?

Fleet Services provides an Automobile Accident Report form in all of their vehicles, which should be completed by the driver involved in the accident or a representative from the department. The form should be completed with as much information as possible and then submitted to Fleet Services and Campus Risk Management. Campus Risk Management will report the loss to the University's Claims Administrator, who will investigate the claim, evaluate the damage and issue the funds for the repairs.

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Are trailers covered under the Automobile Liability and Physical Damage Program?

Trailers that are being towed behind a vehicle covered under the Automobile Liability and Physical Damage Program are considered an extension of the covered vehicle. Third party bodily injury and/or property damage and physical damage arising out of a peril described in the comprehensive or collision coverage that occurs while the trailer is being towed would be covered.

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