13-1100 Special Delegations of Contract and Grant Authority

13-1110 Delegation of Contract and Grant Authority to the Director - Federal Government Relations

 The President of the University may delegate authority to solicit and accept, or execute contracts and grants to other University officials for selected purposes.  An example of such a delegation is to the Director--Federal Government Relations "effective September 1 through 30, 1995 and for the same period annually thereafter...to be exercised only in response to a specific request made by a Chancellor, a Laboratory Director, the Senior Vice President--Business and Finance, the Vice President--Agriculture and Natural Resources, or their authorized representative..." in order to expedite the execution of contracts or grants each year at the close of the federal fiscal year.

13-1120 Limitations on Special Delegations of Authority

 Restrictions and limitations on special delegations of authority are outlined in the letter of delegation.