13-100 Introduction

This chapter outlines (1) the constitutional provision establishing the University as a public corporation and its powers, (2) the University's Bylaws and Standing Orders which set forth the duties and responsibilities of the corporation's and University's officers, (3) the status of the University as a tax-exempt institution, and (4) pertinent delegations of authority from specified University officers.

Section 13-200 outlines the legal and fiscal status of the corporation and describes the Standing Orders and Bylaws of The Regents that are the basis of the authority for the Officers of The Regents and the Officers of the University to carry out their assigned functions.  Section 13-300 lists the Officers of The Regents and their duties.  Section 13-400 lists the Officers of the University and describes the duties of the President of the University. Sections 13-500 through 13-1100 focus on the contract and grant authority for specific units, e.g., the Office of the President, the campuses, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and various other units. Section 13-1200 discusses various other delegations of authority to enter into contracts, such as affiliation agreements, leases, and other agreements.