Chapter 10-500: Basic Institutional Information

In carrying out the University's contract and grant administration function, University personnel may be asked to supply extramural sponsors with various forms of basic institutional information on a Universitywide or campus/Laboratory basis. Sections 10-510 through 10-550 provide or reference much of this required basic institutional information.

10-510 Legal, Tax, and Financial Status of the University

The University's legal and tax status are discussed in Chapter 13. Information on the University's financial status may be obtained from several University reports published annually by the Executive Vice President, Business Operations, including the "University of California Financial Report" and the "University of California Campus Financial Schedules". In addition, further contract and grant proposal and award financial information is available through the University's Corporate Contract and Grant Information System as discussed in 10-420 through 10-424.

10-520 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

Occasionally, the University is asked to provide sponsors with the institution's North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). The NAICS number refers to a classification system set forth in the NAICS-United States Manual issued by the federal government's National Technical Information Service (NTIS). The NAICS number for all universities, colleges, and professional schools is Code Number 61131. The old NAICS code, 61131 or S.I.C. Code Number, 8221, may still be found on some federal agencies' documents.

10-530 Unique Entity Identifiers (UEIs)

The Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) is an entity's official identifier for doing business with the U.S. government, replacing the DUNS number (see 10-531) in April 2022.

UEIs by Location
Location Number
Office of the President PKK5TD16N4H1
Berkeley GS3YEVSS12N6
Los Angeles RN64EPNH8JC6
Merced FFM7VPAG8P92
Riverside MR5QC5FCAVH5
San Diego UYTTZT6G9DT1
San Francisco KMH5K9V7S518
Santa Barbara G9QBQDH39DF4

10-531 DUNS Numbers

Although federal agencies no longer use institutions' Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) numbers as entity identifiers, some other sponsors may require applicants/recipients to have a DUNS number. Dun and Bradstreet provide DUNS numbers upon request. However, the University has thousands of DUNS numbers. The following DUNS numbers have been identified by Contract and Grant Offices as the specific numbers for use by campuses and LBNL in federal systems:

DUNS Numbers by Location
Location Number
Office of the President 00-398-5512
DANR 60-459-1925
Berkeley 12-472-6725
Davis 04-712-0084
Irvine 04-670-5849
Los Angeles 09-253-0369
Merced 11-364-5084
Riverside 62-779-7426
San Diego 80-435-5790
Scripps 17-510-4595
San Francisco 09-487-8337
Santa Barbara 09-487-8394
Santa Cruz 12-508-4723
LBNL 07-857-6738

10-540 Internal Revenue Service Employer's Identification Numbers (EINs)

The University's Internal Revenue Service Employer's Identification Numbers are:

EINs by Location
Location Number
Office of the President 94-3067788
Berkeley 94-6002123
Davis 94-6036494
Irvine 95-2226406
Los Angeles 95-6006143
Merced 27-0093858
Riverside 95-6006142
San Diego 95-6006144
San Francisco 94-6036493
Santa Barbara 95-6006145
Santa Cruz 94-1539563
LBNL 94-2951741

10-550 Other Institutional Codes

a. Contractor Establishment Codes (CEC)

CEC Codes by Location
Location Number
Berkeley 87-402-396D
Davis 18-562-770A
Irvine 12-161-045F
Los Angeles 09-354-046G
Riverside 62-870-752D
San Diego 80-536-589H
San Francisco 61-956-771C
Santa Barbara 16-216-437A
Santa Cruz 04-880-204F
OP 00-499-561K

b. Federal Interagency Committee on Educational Institutions (FICE) Codes

FICE Codes by Location
Location Number
Berkeley 001312-8
Davis 001313-6
Irvine 001314-4
Los Angeles 001315-1
Riverside 001316-9
San Diego 001317-7
Scripps 405416-9
San Francisco 001319-3
Santa Barbara 001320-1
Santa Cruz 001321-9
DANR 000103-2
OP 001311-0

c. Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Codes

CAGE Codes by Location
Location Number
Berkeley 50853
Davis 1CBG4
Irvine 0VWL0
Los Angeles 4B557
Merced 3MTG5
Riverside 4W611
San Diego 50854
Scripps 7H459
San Francisco 4B560
Santa Barbara 4B561
Santa Cruz 1CB82