Proposal Instructions

These sections describe the process for developing a proposal to a State agency by a UC or CSU campus for research, training and services.

A note on State agency Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that require non-CMA proposal forms: A State agency may require use of specific forms for submitting a bid or proposal for a particular project. In such case, the University may use the State’s desired forms. This streamlines the agency’s review of the responses to the RFPs and enables it to readily select the winning bidder.

The proposal that is submitted in the state’s requested format must be converted to the CMA template at the time of final award. The PI will need to complete certain CMA components (mainly scope of work, itemized deliverables, key personnel, and budget) at or before the award stage. (It is not the responsibility of the University central administrative office, or the State agency, to complete these CMA components at the award stage.) This step is necessary because the final agreement needs to conform to the CMA pursuant to Education Code section 67325, et seq. regardless of the form of the agreement that the state utilized for the RFP, subject to any alternative terms to which the parties agree pursuant to Education Code section 67327(b).

While developing your proposal, be mindful not to include proprietary, confidential information or trade secrets in the description section. If the application is funded, the proposal will be subject to the California Public Records Act (CPRA).