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UC Procurement hosts occasional webinars on Friday noons featuring presentations on projects with systemwide value or that UC procurement professionals have given at conferences. These webinars provide an opportunity for staff to gain in expertise and learn from colleagues.

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Procurement OnStage Webinars

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Sourcing + ePro = Success



Sean Parker, Acting Assoc. Director, Facilities, Maintenance & Capital Programs

Terese Merell, eCOE (ePro) Analyst

When ePro requirements are an integral part of an RFP, it adds deeper value to the contract, sets suppliers up for success in UC ePro environments, and leads to increased contract adoption.

Learn how to integrate an ePro resource into your RFx process and use the new ePro Contract Appendix and other templates to enhance your RFx outcomes.






Campus Partnerships and Revenue Generating Agreements at UCSD





Greg Muller, Sr. Manager, Strategic Sourcing, UCSD

Kacy Marume, Asst. Director, Procurement /Contracts

Bringing stakeholders together. Identifying potential suppliers. Researching the marketplace. Deciding on best value methodology. Running a fair and transparent process. Sound familiar?

These are all strategic sourcing techniques you can employ to award campus partnership and revenue generating agreements. UC San Diego will show how they are working with areas like Athletics, Student Life, Travel, and the CFO office to award partnership agreements using strategic sourcing methodology.







Empower Your Customers to Successfully Manage & Embrace Change






Jim Hewlett, Supply Chain Management, UC Davis

With new initiatives around every corner, the need for change management - including effective training and communications - has never been more critical. Jim Hewlett will share some UC Davis success stories, and ways you can apply these strategies.

With UC Davis for more than 25 years, Jim creates and delivers online and in-person training, website content, and communications for Supply Chain Management.






The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team





Jim Hine, Assoc. Vice Chancellor & CPO, UCSF

Greg Macway, Director of Supply Chain Management, UCSF

A renewed focus on organizational health is transforming higher education administration. But, how do you turn your staff into an All Star team?

See how UCSF’s Supply Chain Management team embraced the teachings of Patrick Lencioni’s Table Group as outlined in the New York Times best seller, “The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.”






Building a Dynamic Dashboard





Irvin Palacios, Data and Business Analyst, UC San Diego

UC San Diego’s IPPS has developed an Executive Dashboard to assist its leadership team and CFO with assessing the health of the organization in one location.

Provides a blueprint for building your own dynamic, tiered dashboards. Learn about the common pitfalls and creative solutions that helps UC San Diego better understand the IPPS organization through data.






Scammed! A Cautionary Tale and Defense Strategy





Jim Hine, Assoc. Vice Chancellor/ CPO- UCSF

Vanessa Wong, Executive Director of Supply Chain Management- UCSF

In 2017, UCSF was hit by a sophisticated scam that routed payment intended for a construction contractor to a fraudster’s account.

This presentation “shows our warts” on a topic that many campuses are afraid or ashamed to discuss.

Also discussed is the partnership with FICO to initiate real-time risk assessment for fraud as well as HIPAA, IT Security, and Federal/State policy violation exposures for P2P, P-card and T&E transactions.








Showing the Value of Procurement to Finance







Todd Adams, Director, BFS-Procurement & Contracts, UCSD

Greg Muller, MRO Commodity Manager, UCSD

We all know that Procurement saves your campus money, but what are you doing to communicate your value in a way that resonates with your Finance office?

UC San Diego has developed a Financial Benefit Statement that documents revenue, savings and operating costs in the style of an income statement which we share with our Controller and Chief Financial Officer.

Learn how to develop this type of form and the strategies we use when we present the data to our Finance office.






Strategic Sourcing: Guiding the Pack




Hampton Sublett, Director, Strategic Solutions, UCD

Britany Duyanovich, Strategic Sourcing Manager, UCD

Often, Procurement is positioned to be involved at the end of a project when a transaction needs to be processed or a bid has already been conceptualized. This limits Procurement’s role and ability to be impactful.

In today’s changing fiscal and e-commerce environments, procurement must shift to proactively identify opportunities and lead change to maintain relevancy.