Performance Appraisal Process

Each manager and supervisor is required by UC policy and by the applicable labor contract to conduct performance appraisals. Employees hired before January 1 will be reviewed in this year’s process. Those hired after January 1 of the current year should receive informal feedback on their performance. Performance appraisals are required for:

  • Probationary employees: A probationary employee shall be assessed at least once during a full probationary period, preferably at the mid-point of probation; and,
  • Career employees: A career employee's performance shall be assessed in writing at least once per year.
  • Contract employees: A contract employee should receive a written appraisal at least once per year.

2020/2021 STEP: Staff Talent Evaluation Process

Key changes in the Performance Appraisal process

  • Replacing intensive mid-year and year-end conversations with simpler, quarterly check-ins
  • UCOP STEP imageGreater flexibility by allowing employees to focus on 2-3 competencies, out of 10, that are most relevant to their role and goals
  • Increased feedback focus with 4 discussion questions to facilitate coaching conversations
  • Simplified year-end ratings with updated definitions and one overall rating 

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