Time and attendance reporting

Information on the electronic Time Reporting System (TRS)

New hire process

Overview of the new hire process, department procedures, and special instructions for hiring at remote locations.

Transfer & rehire process within UCOP departments

Procedures for interdepartmental transfer and rehire of retired employees.

Payroll & personnel actions

Information on actions such as employee status change, leaves of absence, appointment renewal, reclassification, etc.


Details of the employee separation process and how separation payroll checks are handled.


New hire forms

All new hire forms (both as a bundle and as individual downloads).

Payroll action form PDF

Use this form for new hire, rehire, transfer, reclass, promotion, demotion, tops to career, equity, stipend and other salary actions.

PAF Guidelines PDF

I-9 and instructions PDF

Employment eligibility verification

Used for new hires, transfers and rehires.

UC W-4/DE 4 Link

UCPath > Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > CA State W-4 Tax Information

Payroll separation form XLSX

For HR business partners' use.

Alternative work schedule programs

Programs are available for UCOP employees who wish to consider an alternative work schedule through time reduction programs and flex schedules.

Time reporting

Explanation of electronic time reporting (TRS).

TRS login Link | TRS Schedule Link