UC Vice provosts and Deans of undergraduate education 2023-24

UC Berkeley
Oliver O’Reilly, Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Education
(510) 642-0877
Email: vpue@berkeley.edu and oreilly@berkeley.edu

Administrative support: Amber Fogarty
(510) 642-6414
Email: afogarty@berkeley.edu

UC Davis
Michael Bradford, Vice Provost & Dean for Undergraduate Education (Secondary Convenor)
(530) 752-9986
Email: mlbradford@ucdavis.edu

Administrative support: Amanda Meyer
(530) 752-9201
Email: almeyer@ucdavis.edu

UC Irvine
Michael Dennin, Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning & Dean for the Division of Undergraduate Education
(949) 824-7761
Email: mdennin@uci.edu

Administrative support: Jennifer Rossman
(949) 824-3291
Email: jrossman@uci.edu

Adriana Galván, Dean of Undergraduate Education
(310) 825-3961
Email: agalvan@college.ucla.edu

Administrative support: Dean Krouch
(310) 825-8510
Email: dkrouch@college.ucla.edu

UC Merced
Brian Utter
, Interim Vice Provost & Dean of Undergraduate Education
(209) 228-0173
Email: brianutter@ucmerced.edu

Administrative support: D. B. Quan
(209) 228-4021
Email: dquan2@ucmerced.edu

UC Riverside
Louie F. Rodriguez, Vice Provost & Dean of Undergraduate Education
(951) 827-7942
Email: louie.rodriguez@ucr.edu

Administrative support: Mona Nelson
(951) 827-7750
Email:vpdueadmin@ucr.edu or mona.nelson@ucr.edu (direct)

UC San Diego
John Moore, Dean of Undergraduate Education (Convener) 
(858) 822-4358
Email: DUE@ucsd.edu

Administrative support: Karen Aceves
(858) 246-5365
Email: kaaceves@ucsd.edu

UC Santa Barbara
Michael Miller, Dean of Undergraduate Education
(805) 893-6190
Email: mbmiller@ucsb.edu

Administrative support: Alicia Melero
(805) 893-2528
Email: amelero@ltsc.ucsb.edu

UC Santa Cruz
Richard Hughey, Vice Provost & Dean of Undergraduate Education
(831) 459-1993
Email: rph@ucsc.edu

Administrative support: Lelie Heinrich
(831) 459-1993
Email: lmheinri@ucsc.edu

UCOP Liaisons
Pamela Brown, Vice President, Institutional Research & Academic Planning (IRAP)
(510) 987-9251
Email: pamela.brown@ucop.edu

Carmen Corona, Director, Academic Planning & Policy
Email: carmen.corona@ucop.edu

Todd Greenspan, Executive Advisor for Academic Planning & Policy Development
(510) 987-9430
Email: todd.greenspan@ucop.edu

Ethan Savage, Academic Planning & Policy Analyst
(510) 587-6282
Email: ethan.savage@ucop.edu

Administrative support: Kristen Farrand
(510) 987-9221
Email: kristen.farrand@ucop.edu

UC Vice provosts and Deans of undergraduate education

January 2024

Roster of Vice provosts and Deans of undergraduate education