IRAP Survey Services

  • Instrument design – IRAP’s survey experts can walk you through best practices for designing an effective and valid survey, including logic and optimization for the web.
  • Sample determination – IRAP can assist with selecting a sample population designed to give representative results.
  • Survey administration – IRAP uses Qualtrics as an online data collection system and to send survey invitations and reminders through a safe, streamlined mailing process. IRAP can also help develop response strategies for marketing your survey.
  • Data analysis – IRAP's researchers can help examine survey data and provide links to administrative and corporate data to deepen your analysis.
  • Reporting and visualization – IRAP uses the Qualtrics reporting platform to provide summary data in a timely manner. IRAP can also combine quantitative analysis, skillful writing, and visualization tools such as Tableau to deliver distinctive, impactful reports. 

Propose a New Survey

The survey team at IRAP reviews all proposals to survey UC students, faculty, staff and alumni. To allow for a thorough review of each proposal, a proposal needs to be submitted well in advance of the launch date with the following components:

  • Goals and objects – describe the purpose of the study and research questions.
  • Study population – define the target population of the survey, as well as specify the exclusion of any particular subgroups, such as students under 18 years old. For sample surveys, IRAP survey team can work with clients to determine the sample size and an appropriate sampling method based on your survey goals and research questions.
  • Survey instrument – provide a copy of the instrument if available, or describe how you plan to develop the survey questionnaire. IRAP can assist clients in developing the questionnaire when needed.  IRAP can also help clients determine if IRB approval is needed to conduct the study.
  • Survey timeline – describe the timeframe by which you hope to complete your study.  IRAP will work with you to determine the survey launch date, closing date, and reminder dates based on campus calendar, IRAP survey calendar, and etc. 
  • Data analysis and deliverables – indicate what analyses you would like IRAP to conduct, what deliverables you would expect from IRAP (e.g., a raw survey response data set, summary data tables, a comprehensive report) and what your timeline is for the analyses and deliverables. 
  • Contact information – include the name and contact information of the survey requester.

 If you have questions about this process, please feel free to contact IRAP.