FCC License Coordination

Availability: Systemwide

Service Description
On behalf of The Regents, who own all UC radiofrequency stations, ITS coordinates station licensing, license renewal, and license modification.

ITS also serves as the UC liaison with the FCC in matters of compliance with commission regulations and coordinates UC's response regarding proposed FCC rules and regulations.

The University of California operates hundreds of radiofrequency stations licensed by the FCC. UC operates six noncommercial educational FM radio stations, as well as one satellite delivered television station (UCTV), which is carried on numerous cable television systems and on channel 9412 of EchoStar's Direct Broadcast Satellite System (DBS), called Dish Network. UC also operates educational broadband service (EBS) stations in the 2 gigahertz microwave band. Other UC operated stations include maritime, aeronautical, experimental, and broadcast auxiliary systems. UC's land mobile stations include conventional and trunked public safety, special emergency, and business stations for police, fire, hospital, instructional, research, and administrative operations. UC also obtains licenses for fixed microwave stations, wireless microphone systems, and telemetry and paging systems, which are used for instructional, research, hospital, and administrative operations.

How to Request Support
Support is offered M-F, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. To request FCC license coordination and obtain detailed instructions, contact the coordinator.

All UC radiofrequency stations must work through ITS to modify or apply for FCC licenses. ITS automatically submits license renewals to the FCC; copies of newly renewed licenses are forwarded to the campuses.

There is no charge for UCOP’s FCC license coordination services. However, if outside coordination or legal services are secured, the campus will be recharged the cost.