Systemwide IT Policies & Guidelines

Contact campus IT Policy Coordinators for information about campus implementation of policies and guidelines.

Electronic Communications

Electronic Communications Policy (ECP)

Applicable: Systemwide

Establishes electronic communications principles, rules and procedures for all members of the UC community.

UC IT Accessibility Policy Link

Applicable: Systemwide

Establishes principles and requirements for making UC’s electronic environment accessible to people with disabilities.

Legislative and Other Guidance

Handling FBI Requests PDF

Applicable: Systemwide

Instructions for properly handling information requests from the FBI or other Federal agencies.

Federal Anti-Spam Law PDF

Applicable: Systemwide

Guidelines for complying with the Federal CAN-SPAM Act.

DMCA Guidelines Link

Applicable: Systemwide

Guidelines for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Information Security

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Compliance Plan Link

Applicable: Systemwide

Federal law to protect consumers' personal financial information

UC IS-3 Policy and Standards Link

Applicable: Systemwide

Links to and descriptions of UC's systemwide cybersecurity policy and nine standards, including a glossary of terms, guides by role, and FAQs.

UC Information Security Breach Notification Resources

Applicable: Systemwide

Resources and guidelines for information security incidents requiring notification. Breach notification must be coordinated with your Location’s Chief Information Security Officer and Counsel.

Records Management and Privacy

Records Management Policies (RMP)

Applicable: Systemwide

The UC Business and Finance Records Management and Privacy (RMP) Bulletin series establishes systemwide policies on records management and information privacy.

Protection of Personal Information

Applicable: Systemwide

Resources and guidance for protecting personal information.

ABCs of Privacy & Public Records DOC

Applicable: Systemwide

A high level overview of public records and privacy at UC. The document is provided by the UC Office of General Counsel.

Sample Privacy Statement DOC

Applicable: Systemwide

Basic privacy statement template for UC websites that collect personal information.

Web Site Privacy Policies PDF

Applicable: Systemwide

Guidance provided by the UC Office of General Counsel on the California Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and how it applies to the University of California.

Local IT Policies