University of California Communications Planning Group (UC-CPG)

With guidance from the UC IT Leadership Council, the Communications Planning Group plans and coordinates University-wide electronic communications services. Composed of network and telecommunication services leaders and experts from the UC campuses, Office of the President, and UC managed national laboratories, CPG identifies strategic telecommunications directions and solutions, oversees UC-wide communications services and infrastructure, and shares best practices and expertise among UC institutions.

CPG is charged with articulating the University’s strategic electronic communications requirements in support of its research, education, patient care and public service missions. In this role, CPG will develop future requirements, implementation plans and cost estimates to support UC-wide IT strategic planning initiatives. CPG is also charged with overseeing and coordinating system-wide voice, video, and data services.

A primary CPG representative is identified for each campus/lab by its ITLC member. The primary representative is typically a direct report of the ITLC member who is responsible for central campus voice and network services, including off-campus connectivity and advanced networking services delivered via CENIC. In addition to the primary representatives from each institution, CPG welcomes additional representatives from central and other units to ensure broad channels of communication into the University community. Primary representatives are responsible for hosting periodic CPG meetings and participating in agenda setting and planning activities for the group.

Group Leadership
CPG is convened and facilitated by a chair or co-chairs that rotate approximately every 2 years.

Relationship to other Groups:
CPG is one of several UC IT coordination groups that receive oversight from the Information Technology Leadership Council (ITLC). Draft agendas for CPG meetings are shared with the ITLC for feedback, and the CPG provides a report on its activities and planning progress at ITLC meetings. One or more ITLC members also regularly participate in the CPG and serve as ITLC liaisons.

CENIC is UC’s provider for off-campus networking connectivity, and CPG will liaison with CENIC and the appropriate CENIC advisory councils.

CPG meets approximately 3 times per year as issues warrant with campuses rotating hosting responsibilities. The agenda for each meeting will be drafted by the CPG chair in consultation with others, reviewed by the CPG as a whole, and shared with the ITLC for feedback. Meeting notes will be created for each meeting and shared online.

Mailing list and Web site:
The CPG mailing list is UCCPG-L@LISTSERV.UCOP.EDU. The Web site is