Want to talk through an upcoming project or initiative? Wish you could better reach your audience or better achieve an organizational objective? Unsure how to integrate learning and development strategies and best practices? Need help assessing accessibility and addressing challenges?

With decades of experience in these areas, our team can provide the insight, guidance, brainstorming partner or even just sounding board you need to succeed and thrive. We may even be able to offer production assistance for projects within our purview.

Consultations can vary from 15 minutes to several hours spread over multiple meetings, depending on the project and amount of guidance needed. As with any consultative process, involving us early will save time and maintain focus on achieving your goals.

Contact Douglas Harriman if you’re interested in strategically partnering in any of the following ways.

eLearning and Learning & Development (L&D) Consultations

  • Benefit from our years' of experience designing and producing L&D content, navigating learning theory and best practices, deploying L&D products, engaging with learner feedback and maximizing efficiency
  • Assess learner and/or organizational needs
  • Learn what strategies, tools, specialists and processes may best suit a project you're producing
  • Develop strategies for long-term product maintenance

Accessibility Consultations and Mentoring

  • Develop a plan for achieving (better) accessibility for planned products or product updates
  • Help your team further their accessibility understanding, training and implementation

Systemwide Projects and Initiatives

  • We occasionally have availability to partner in the development of systemwide products or to assist with systemwide projects in other ways:
    • Web design collaboration
    • Visual re-design or accessibility remediation of existing products
  • Please note: we're only able to collaborate on systemwide requests (if available) and cannot service individual locations beyond the consultations detailed above