HR Policies and Policy Owners

Personnel Policies for Staff Members Policy Owner
PPSM 1: General Provisions Melanie Carr
PPSM 2: Definition of Terms Melanie Carr
PPSM 2.210: Absence From Work Abby Norris
PPSM 3: Types of Appointment Olga Zundel
PPSM 20: Recruitment and Promotion Abby Norris
PPSM 21: Selection and Appointment Olga Zundel
PPSM 22: Probationary Period  Melanie Carr
PPSM 23: Performance Management Abby Norris
PPSM 30: Compensation Melanie Carr
PPSM 34: Incentive and Recognition Award Plans Melanie Carr
PPSM 35: Uniforms and Safety Apparel Olga Zundel
PPSM 36: Classification of Positions Abby Norris
PPSM 50: Professional Development Abby Norris
PPSM 51: Reduced Fee Enrollment Abby Norris
PPSM 60: Layoff and Reduction in Time from PSS Abby Norris
PPSM 62: Corrective Action Olga Zundel
PPSM 63: Investigatory Leave Olga Zundel
PPSM 64: Termination and Job Abandonment Abby Norris
PPSM 66: Medical Separation Abby Norris
PPSM 70: Complaint Resolution Olga Zundel
PPSM 80: Staff Personnel Records Abby Norris
PPSM 81: Reasonable Accommodation Abby Norris
PPSM 82: Conflict of Interest Olga Zundel
PPSM 83: Death Payments Olga Zundel
PPSM 84: Accommodations for Nursing Mothers Abby Norris


Personnel Policies for Staff Members-II (SMG) Policy Owner
PPSM II-42 Disability Leave  Abby Norris
PPSM II-43 Personal Leave  Melanie Carr
PPSM II-46 Administrative Leave with Pay Melanie Carr
PPSM II-50 Sabbatical Leave Melanie Carr
PPSM II-64 Termination of Appointment  Abby Norris
PPSM II-70 Resolution of Concerns Olga Zundel
PPSM II-71 Senior Management Supplemental Benefit Program Olga Zundel


Selected Systemwide Policies Policy Owner
Whistleblower Protection Policy Abby Norris 
Substance Abuse Abby Norris 
Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Abby Norris 
Discrimination, Harassment, and Affirmative Action in the Workplace  Abby Norris
Supplement to Military Pay Melanie Carr
Public Disclosure of Compensation Information Melanie Carr


Programs  Owner
Employee-Initiated Reduction in Time Program (ERIT) Olga Zundel