HR policies and policy owners

Policy Policy Owner
PPSM 1: General Provisions Melanie Carr
PPSM 2: Definition of Terms Melanie Carr
PPSM 2.210: Absence From Work Abby Norris
PPSM 3: Types of Appointments Melanie Carr
PPSM 20: Recruitment and Promotion Abby Norris
PPSM 21: Selection and Appointment Melanie Carr
PPSM 22: Probationary Period  Melanie Carr
PPSM 23: Performance Management Abby Norris
PPSM 30: Compensation Abby Norris
PPSM 34: Incentive and Recognition Award Plans Abby Norris
PPSM 35: Uniforms and Safety Apparel Melanie Carr
PPSM 36: Classification of Positions Abby Norris
PPSM 50: Professional Development Abby Norris
PPSM 51: Reduced Fee Enrollment Abby Norris
PPSM 60: Layoff and Reduction in Time from PSS Abby Norris
PPSM 62: Corrective Action Melanie Carr
PPSM 63: Investigatory Leave Melanie Carr
PPSM 64: Termination and Job Abandonment Abby Norris
PPSM 66: Medical Separation Abby Norris
PPSM 70: Complaint Resolution Melanie Carr
PPSM 80: Staff Personnel Records Abby Norris
PPSM 81: Reasonable Accommodation Abby Norris
PPSM 82: Conflict of Interest Melanie Carr
PPSM 83: Death Payments Melanie Carr
PPSM 84: Accommodations for Nursing Mothers Abby Norris
PPSM II-42 Disability Leave  Melanie Carr
PPSM II-43 Personal Leave  Melanie Carr
PPSM II-46 Administrative Leave with Pay Melanie Carr
PPSM II-50 Sabbatical Leave Melanie Carr
PPSM II-64 Termination of Appointment  Melanie Carr
PPSM II-70 Resolution of Concerns Melanie Carr
PPSM II-71 Senior Management Supplemental Benefit Program Melanie Carr
Employee-Initiated Reduction in Time Program (ERIT) Melanie Carr
Phased Retirement Program Abby Norris
Supplement to Military Pay Melanie Carr