Systemwide Employee Relations Mission

To build an environment of employee engagement, empowerment and involvement where people can offer their best; equip managers with tools, resources and a policy framework that facilitates an effective operating environment.

ER Strategic Plan – 2015-2019
Strategies So That... Future Implications
  • Have Employee Relations strategies lead Labor Relations strategies
  • Continue to distinguish the function of ER from LR
  • Increase interface with non- represented employees
  • Acknowledge the importance of a regular salary increase program
  • Continue to build a culture that embraces performance
  • The policy framework reflects regulatory compliance as well as Employee Relations interests
  • We build a healthier UC culture: one of self reliance and accountability
  • We increase employee engagement and satisfaction
  • We continue to improve our reputation with all employees
  • The dialogue between the manager and employee is frequent, open, honest and supportive
  • Employees feel valued and appreciated
  • Sets the environment to attract and retain the best talent
  • Drives productivity by incorporating employee satisfaction and engagement
  • An enabling culture that fosters trust, respect and inclusion of diverse ideas