About Systemwide Employee Relations

Systemwide Employee Relations is responsible for facilitating the development and implementation of strategies and initiatives that build an environment of employee engagement in which people can do their best work. The Employee Relations unit collaborates with staff organizations and local Human Resource departments on matters involving staff engagement, fair treatment under policy, and complaint resolution. We work closely with the ten campuses, five medical centers and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to strengthen the employee/employer relationship. Employee Relations supports managers to be effective supervisors who promote excellence by successfully utilizing available tools and resources as well as a policy framework that facilitates an effective operating environment for staff at the university.

Employee Relations Mission:

To build an environment of employee engagement, empowerment and involvement where people can offer their best; equip managers with tools, resources and a policy framework that facilitates an effective operating environment.
ER Strategic Plan – 2015-2019
Strategies So That... Future Implications
  • Have Employee Relations strategies lead Labor Relations strategies
  • Continue to distinguish the function of ER from LR
  • Increase interface with non- represented employees
  • Acknowledge the importance of a regular salary increase program
  • Continue to build a culture that embraces performance
  • The policy framework reflects regulatory compliance as well as Employee Relations interests
  • We build a healthier UC culture: one of self reliance and accountability
  • We increase employee engagement and satisfaction
  • We continue to improve our reputation with all employees
  • The dialogue between the manager and employee is frequent, open, honest and supportive
  • Employees feel valued and appreciated
  • Sets the environment to attract and retain the best talent
  • Drives productivity by incorporating employee satisfaction and engagement
  • An enabling culture that fosters trust, respect and inclusion of diverse ideas