2019 UC-Coro Southern Cohort Project

The 2019 UC-Coro Southern Cohort produced a variety of deliverables as part of its project. The best way to navigate these deliverables is to first read the Final Report (pdf). It is intentionally short (seven pages), providing a brief overview of the charge, the project methodology that the cohort followed, the recommendations that resulted and the deliverables that it produced. Then, we invite you to explore the deliverables below as they suit your needs.

For questions regarding this project, please contact Maria Shanle.


A series of 11 podcasts capturing interviews with senior leaders across higher education and especially the UC. The series is titled "Change Management in Higher Education: Conversations at the University of California" and is available on Apple Podcasts. In the podcasts, senior leaders share their perspectives on the importance of leading change in a university setting, discuss best practices and identify alternative approaches in leading change.

For completeness, we provide the individual audio files here:

  • Brent Ruben – Rutgers: Professor of Communication, and Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Organizational Leadership, Rutgers University
  • Gerry Bomotti – UC Riverside: Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chancellor for Planning, Budget and Business and Administrative Services, University of California Riverside
  • Cindy Larive – UC Santa Cruz: Chancellor, University of California Santa Cruz
  • John Mazziotta – UCLA Health: Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences and Chief Executive Officer, UCLA Health
  • Kim Wilcox – UC Riverside: Chancellor, University of California Riverside
  • Kum-Kum Bhavanani – UC Santa Barbara: Professor of Sociology and Former Chair of Academic Senate, University of California Santa Barbara and 2019-20 Chair of the University of California Systemwide Academic Senate
  • Lisa Terry – UC Office of the President: Director of University of California Systemwide Leadership and Organization Development
  • Michael Beck – UCLA: Administrative Vice Chancellor, UCLA
  • Patty Maysent – UC San Diego Health: Chief Executive Officer, University of California San Diego Health
  • Ron Cortez – UC Irvine: Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chancellor in the Division of Finance and Administration, University of California Irvine
  • UC Chief Information Officers Panel Discission
    • Tom Andriola – UC Office of the President: Systemwide Chief Information Officer
    • Ann Kovalchick – UC Merced: Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer, University of California Merced
    • Christopher Longhurst – UC San Diego Health: Chief Information Officer and Associate Chief Medical Officer for Quality and Safety, University of California San Diego Health
    • Matt Hall – UC Santa Barbara: Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, University of California Santa Barbara


A visually enticing bi-fold pamphlet that provides key information about foundational principles of change management. The pamphlet can be used as a reference tool in meetings or at one's desk, can be widely distributed in print or digitally, and can even be enlarged and posted to a wall as a visual reminder of change management principles.

Pamphlet, version for digital distribution (pdf)

Pamphlet, version for print distribution (pdf)


A face-to-face, highly-interactive workshop designed for senior level UC leaders that addresses three main areas: (1) What is change management? (2) Why should you care? and (3) What is your role? The workshop includes a full set of slides, together with detailed speaker notes and instructions for conducting the interactive exercises.

Workshop (pptx)

Annotated List of Recommended Readings

A guide to key literature in change management, providing an overview of best change management practices, case studies, toolkits and leading research. Each entry in the list is briefly summarized, to provide the reader with a guided roadmap and the ability to choose where they want to focus their reading efforts.

Reading List (pdf)

Case Studies

Three UC-specific change management case studies, developed through interviews with UC leaders and post-mortem research and analysis. These case studies provide tangible, UC-specific examples of change efforts that achieved varying degrees of success.

Case Studies (pdf)