Academic Planning Council Graduate Education Workgroup Report June 2019 PDF

June 2019

Recommendations for addressing issues facing academic doctoral education at UC from the Graduate Education Workgroup, a subcommittee of the Academic Planning Council, comprised of campus and UCOP administration and Senate leaders.

The University of California Graduate Student Well-Being Survey Report PDF

May 2017

Report on a survey conducted in Winter/Spring 2016 on the mental health and well-being of UC graduate students across all ten UC campuses.

UC Doctoral Completion Rate Study March 2014 PDF

March 2014

Assesses persistence and completion rates of UC doctoral students over a period of ten years.

UC InfoCenter Link

Access to detailed data on undergraduate admissions, enrollment, persistence and graduation at UC. Summary data on financial aid is also available.

Report of the Taskforce on Competitiveness in Academic Graduate Student Support PDF

JUNE 2012

Report by Academic Council taskforce that highlights a number of critical issues concerning the competitiveness of UC's academic doctoral programs.

Report of the Administrative/Senate Workgroup on Academic Graduate Student Issues July 2012 PDF

July 2012

Report that focuses on UC enrollment trends, graduate student support and competitiveness, the impact of rising tuition, employment opportunities and expanding career opportunities for academic doctoral students.

Prioritizing and Strengthening Graduate Education at UC Davis May 2012 PDF

May 2012

UC Davis joint administrative/academic senate taskforce report looking at the various ways the institution supports graduate education and how it might be further improved.

Survey of Graduate Applications, Admissions, and Enrollment Issues May 2005 PDF

May 2005

Six broad departments, at each of the nine campuses (in 2004), with significant international student enrollment, were surveyed on application numbers, admits and enrollment.

Report of the Work Team on Graduate and Professional School Diversity September 2007 PDF

September 2007

A subcommittee of the University of California Regents Study Group on University Diversity

NRC Data-Based Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs in the United States Link

September 2010

The National Research Council (NRC) conducts a survey and compiles a report on United States Research-Doctorate Programs approximately every 10 years. Data collection for the most recent report began in June 2006 and the report was released in September 2010.