President's Task Force on Faculty Diversity

On May 23, 2006, President Dynes hosted the President’s Summit on Faculty Diversity. The Summit was the culmination of more than a year’s work by the President’s Task Force on Faculty Diversity and was intended to bring focus to our future efforts in addressing faculty diversity at the University of California.

Letter from President Dynes

Faculty diversity is one of the most pressing issues facing the University of California today and UC will remain competitive as a leading institution of higher education only if it is successful in addressing the under-representation of minorities and women among its faculty and academic leaders. Additionally, the value of diversity in all aspects of the University’s educational programs is fundamental to its mission as a land grant institution.

To assess the status of faculty diversity at the University of California and advise me on future directions, I have convened a system wide task force, chaired by UCLA Associate Vice Chancellor Rosina Becerra, to conduct a comprehensive program review of faculty diversity efforts at each UC campus. The review will include an in-depth analysis of faculty demographic data, campus site visits and a review of existing reports and studies of gender equity and faculty diversity at the University of California and our peer institutions.

The Task Force will provide a preliminary report of their findings and recommendations to the chancellors in Spring 2006. At the completion of the task force’s work, I will convene a President’s Summit on Faculty Diversity for system wide participation.

Over the last two decades, UC has made measurable progress to improve diversity in its ladder rank faculty. However, there is much more work to be done. I look forward to receiving the report from the Task Force and working with the academic community to implement their recommendations.


Robert C. Dynes President

Task force members

  • Rosina M. Becerra, UCLA, Associate Vice Chancellor of Faculty Diversity; Professor of Public Policy and Social Welfare
  • Gibor Basri, UC Berkeley, Professor of Astronomy, Chair UCB SWEM, Vice-Chair UCAAD
  • J. Renee Chapman Navarro, MD, Pharm.D. , UCSF School of Medicine, Associate Dean Academic Affairs School of Medicine and Clinical Professor of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care
  • Kenji Hakuta, UC Merced, Professor of Psychology / Dean of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts
  • Douglas M. Haynes, UC Irvine, Community Equity Advisor, Associate Professor of History
  • Maria Herrera-Sobek, UC Santa Barbara, Associate Vice Chancellor of Diversity, Equity and Academic Policy; Professor of Chicana and Chicano Studies
  • Jorge Huerta, UC San Diego, Associate Chancellor, Professor of Theatre and Dance; Chief Diversity Officer
  • Yolanda T. Moses, UC Riverside, Professor of Anthropology; Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Excellence and Diversity
  • Lisa C. Sloan, UC Santa Cruz, Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies; Professor of Earth Sciences
  • Kyaw Tha Paw U, UC Davis, Professor of Atmospheric Science and Biometeorologist; (2004–05) Chair, Davis Division Senate Affirmative Action and Diversity Committee