Travel reimbursement: Quick reference guide

  1. Traveler/proxy gathers all required original receipts from trip, including hotel bills (showing zero/paid balance), MapQuest mileage for personal car travel, and a copy of the itinerary/boarding pass.

  2. Traveler/proxy completes the BRC Employee Travel – Entertainment Reimbursement form (pdf).

    Traveler must obtain signature of individual authorized to sign for the Full Accounting Unit (FAU) before submitting to the BRC.

  3. Traveler/proxy submits form and original receipts to BRC Travel & Entertainment via interoffice mail or hand delivery.

  4. BRC enters travel claim in Express system, reviewing for accuracy and adherence to UC travel policy.  Completed electronic claim with detail regarding approved and unapproved expenses is sent to Traveler/owner for review.

  5. Once Traveler has approved the electronic claim, BRC conducts the final review and submission to UCLA Travel for payment.