Interlocation Transfer of Funds

An interlocation transfer of funds (ITF) is a temporary (one time) transfer of funds from one campus location to another (please contact your Budget Coordinator for any permanent ITF’s).  

Here’s how to submit a request for an ITF:

  1. Complete the ITF excel form (the campus sending the funds prepares the ITF)
  2. Submit the form via ServiceNow (your submission is your department approval): Request Service > Business Resource Center > Compliance, Accounting, Audit and Policy (CAAP) > Interlocation Transfer of Funds

Quick Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Your Budget Coordinator will receive your request in ServiceNow for review and approval
  • Once the Budget Coordinator approves the request, it comes to the BRC for processing
  • Systemwide Budget performs the final review before transferring the funds to the campus/es
  • ITF’s in most cases should not cross fund numbers
  • ITF’s in general should not cross functions
  • ITF’s will appear as a decrease to your budgetary allocation on your GL
  • ITF’s are a Type Entry 15 on your GL