Cashiering Services

Check Deposit Services while working Remotely

To minimize the time a cashier will be in the office, the CAAP Cashiers are on site once a week. Here’s how it works:

  1. Check deposits are generally made once a week on Friday afternoons.
  2. Effective November 2, checks for deposit should delivered with the completed Deposit Form (pdf) to the secure BRC lock box installed in the mail room. Look for the lock box with the blue label that says "BRC Cashier".
    • Please use a normal business-sized envelope rather than an intercampus envelope or file folder as these will not fit into the lock box.
    • Security Officers will allow staff members with their staff badge access to the box if the mail room is closed when you want to make your deposit.
  3. The deposit form must include the correct COA; and all checks must be made payable to the Regents of the University of California (UC Regents). (BUS-49 VIIB.1).
  4. Deliver your deposit any time before noon on Fridays.
  5. Send an email to notifying cashiers of your deposit.
  6. After the deposit is made, we will email a scanned copy of the Cashier-signed Deposit Form for your records.

Additional Cashiering Services

The CAAP Cashiers have created a BRC Checks SharePoint website to help find homes for checks that are delivered to OP without enough information to identify the intended recipient.  As working remotely continues, we are using this service in an expanded capacity. 

  • To ensure that incoming checks are routed to the correct department, we are scanning and uploading all unidentifiable checks to SharePoint.
  • Departments expecting checks should request addition to the SharePoint distribution list and should closely monitor emails from BRC Cashiers, as this is the vehicle for departments to look for incoming checks.
  • The SharePoint website requires the employee’s UCOP single-sign on, and access is by invitation only. If you have not been invited and think that you or someone in your department should be added, please email  We will send out an invitation and instructions on how to use the site.

Checks should be delivered to the BRC upon receipt. Under no circumstances should checks be routed to other offices to obtain recording information (BUS-49 VIIIB.3).



Deposit Form

Checks for deposit should be delivered to the Business Resource Center with a completed Deposit Form. The deposit form must include the correct Chart of Accounts (COA).