Records shredding

UCOP Mail Services offers document shredding services for UCOP departments. Reasonable quantities of materials are shredded free of charge.

Mail Services provides at least one 64-gallon shredder bin on every floor for everyone's use. Do not put binders, binder clips or wired spiral spines in the shredders. A bonded company with which Mail Services has contracted will pick up the bin when full, shred it and return a certificate of destruction to Mail Services.  Learn more about the company and the shredding process here.

Departments also may request to have one bin on a temporary basis.

The shredder bin locations are as follows:

  • 5th floor:  1 in Audits and 1 near Men’s Restroom
  • 6th floor: 1 near freight elevator in Mail Room
  • 7th floor:  1 in cubicle #7324A
  • 8th floor: 1 in OGC print/mail room
  • 9th floor: 1 near Women’s Restroom
  • 10th floor: 1 near Women’s Restroom
  • 11th floor: 1 outside room #11117
  • 12th floor: 1 near freight elevator

Please contact Mail Services when you notice the bin is completely full.

Note that some departments may have their own shredder and Mail Services is not responsible for its maintenance.