Custodial Requests

BASC contracts with UC Berkley for the majority of UCOP custodial needs for inside and outside of the Franklin-Broadway Campus buildings, including vacuuming and mopping floors, emptying trash containers, cleaning windows, sanitizing bathroom fixtures and other cleaning-related tasks. For any issues or requests, create an incident report in iRequest or if you have trouble accessing iRequest, email 

Custodial Services

Daily Activities:  Empty all wastebaskets and place in dumpsters (in accordance with recycling, compost and regular garbage requirements); clean tables and desktops; vacuum all carpeted areas; and spot-clean carpet and upholstered furniture. 

Weekly Activities:  Dust/clean all low areas; spot-clean fingerprints, whiteboards, and built-in shelving; and wet mop hard floor surfaces.

Weekly Walkthrough Inspection

Walkthrough inspection by BASC personnel takes place once a week per floor on a rotating basis.  If there are any concerns that need to be addressed, submit an incident on iRequest or send an email to

Special Cleaning Requests

During the coronavirus pandemic, high-touch surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly.  If you notice any potential hazards or have health-related cleaning requests submit an iRequest, email or contact the Work Management Center at (510) 987-0600.