UC-HBCU Fellows Luncheon

On Saturday, October 29, 2016, the UC-HBCU Fellows met in Oakland with President Janet Napolitano as she hosted the 3rd annual UC-HBCU Fellows Luncheon.  Twenty-five fellows attended, along with UCOP administrators and a limited number of UC-HBCU Initiative faculty representatives.  Graduate Studies Director Pamela D. Jennings welcomed attendees and introduced President Napolitano who addressed the group.  President Napolitano also took the time to have attendees introduce themselves and share a bit about their research.  Vice Provost for Diversity and Engagement Yvette Gullatt provided closing remarks for the event.

UC-HBCU Fellows with President Napolitano

                                               UC-HBCU Fellows Luncheon participants

President Napolitano

                            President Napolitano addresses the fellows and other attendees

Fellows 1

                         UC-HBCU Initiative fellows listen as one of their colleagues introduces himself


                          President Napolitano shares a laugh with UC-HBCU Fellows