Booking travel using Connexxus

Airfare Pre-Trip Authorization (PTA) requests

  1. To book air travel the traveler/arranger or proxy logs into Connexxus. You can book online or contact agents at UC Travel or BCD/Concur.

  2. Send the itinerary (preferred) or price estimate with detailed trip information to the Travel & Entertainment team mailbox with the following additional information:
    • Authorizing signature of individual with delegated authority (scan and attach), or e-mail directly from authorized individual approving travel;
    • Business reason for travel;
    • Department Code;
    • FAU (Department Full Accounting Unit) to be charged;
    • Name of Agent who booked the arrangement (if using UC Travel).

  3. BRC will obtain Pre-Trip Authorization (PTA #) and notify traveler/arranger.

  4. If travel is being booked through Connexxus (online or with an agent) arranger or proxy will supply PTA#  when requested for payment. (If using SWABIZ – Southwest Airlines website - through Connexxus, traveler is required to use personal credit card or UC Travel & Entertainment card for payment).

    For more detail, please refer to the PTA Quick reference guide.

  5. Traveler will receive an email with the ticketed itinerary once the payment information (PTA# or credit card) is entered.