Booking travel through the UC Travel Center (UCTC)

  1. Traveler obtains approval for the trip following prescribed departmental or UCOP procedures, including obtaining pre-approvals from EVP Business Operations Office, if needed.

  2. Traveler arranges for travel (airfare, hotel, rental car, etc.) using CONNEXXUS to book through one of the on-line travel options or through UCTC.  When the traveler does not use UCTC, the traveler should retain itineraries and receipts/evidence of purchase and payment for future submission under the Travel Reimbursement Process and the following steps do not apply.

  3. When the traveler/arranger uses UCTC to make travel arrangements, the traveler/arranger receives and reviews a preliminary travel itinerary.   

  4. If the itinerary is correct, the traveler/arranger submits to the BRC his or her travel itinerary, along with other required information, which includes: dates of travel, business purpose, the department code and FAU to be charged, department authorization, and pre-approval for creation of a purchase order (PO).

  5. The transaction is entered in a BRC team log and assigned to a BRC preparer who sends an acknowledgement to the traveler/arranger that the travel information has been received.

  6. The BRC preparer reviews the submitted documentation against a compliance checklist.  If information is missing, the BRC preparer contacts the traveler/arranger to obtain the required information.

  7. Once all required documentation has been received, the BRC preparer creates a PO in BruinBuy.  The PO number generated in BruinBuy is e-mailed to a UCTC travel agent and to the traveler/arranger. 

  8. UCTC reviews the PO and issues the e-ticket and e-mail confirmation to the traveler/arranger and BRC preparer.

  9. The BRC preparer receives a copy of the e-ticket and final itinerary.  The transaction is marked as “completed” in the log.  The copies are used in the Ledger Reconciliation Process.

  10. The BRC reviewer receives a Post-Audit Notification (PAN) via e-mail, which is reviewed within 2 business days.

  11. The traveler retains copies of the e-ticket and travel itinerary for future submission under the Travel Reimbursement Process.